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When you are a poor girl paid to seduce a rich guy, don’t forget your footwear

“Do you love me?”

“Of course, I love your money.”

I am being a little snarky here, but while it’s clear our heroine will eventually inevitably fall for our hero for real (it’s a drama, after all), I think a lot of what attracts her to him (even beyond the conscious gold digging) is that she can have fancy helicopter rides dressed up like Pretty Woman at the opera with him.

It’s kind of odd, but Joo Sang Wook’s rich man is literally and by far the nicest character in here. 90% of the characters are evil sharks that feed on human flesh (and that includes the creeptastic fiancee and the store heir guy who apparently plans to hire someone to seduce the fiancee’s next choice away?! wtf?!) I deeply sympathize with the heroine and her awful life, but her decision to cold-bloodedly seduce a rich man either on its own merits (she gets Mrs Rich) or because someone is paying her to do so (!!!) is pretty fucked up, especially since the guy in question has been nothing but nice to her (and the one time he wasn’t, in the beginning of their acquaintance, he properly apologized.) Hero, meanwhile, has a good work ethic, treats his employees fairly, loves his dead mother, is not any worse to his creepy family than is proper. His worst fault is a certain cold-blooded stand-offishness about troubles of others (he didn’t intervene when heroine’s house was being ransacked by loan sharks on the night they met) but even that is not too excessive (he did barge in when he heard someone being assaulted – only to find out she rescued herself heeee.) Anyway, I pretty much want the heroine to come clean, get massive money from someone and move to Italy. And the hero to lose all his family and fiancee in a tragic freak accident and open the best shoe factory in Korea.

But until that never happens, have this super gorgeous scene. Mmmmmm.

You know, it occurs to me that if this was RL, someone that beautiful and smart would long ago have been Mrs Somebody Rich.

In other news, secondary dude, I thought you were going to be decent, but you are an awful human being.

I am not sure why you want reporter lady tbh, because from everything I’ve seen so far, anyone sane would rather stick their bits in a propeller.

(This actress played such a fragile sweetheart in Gloria! I know it’s been 6 years but still, it’s weird for me to see her play a reincarnation of satan.)

Oh, and you know how I said hero’s standoffishness has his limits? Good example. He’s in a brothel (looking for heroine, long story) and hears someone being assaulted – he doesn’t know it’s the heroine btw – so he breaks in to rescue that person. (Of course, our heroine rescued herself by then and off they go on the run from gangsters.)

You know, their slo mo run through the streets, holding hands and grinning, really gave me a strong flashback to Something Happened in Bali. (Which this drama reminds me of a bunch, btw. I’ve heard they want to remake Bali – which why why why why. They shouldn’t, people should just watch this instead.)

Nobody go to a tropical island!

Have you joined pillowfort? Why or why not?


I personally don’t have a Pillowfort account yet, but my partner does and she has let me look at her account fully to see what it is like. I’ve also viewed Pillowfort’s demo account which is linked to on their Kickstarter. I am waiting with anticipation when I can make my own account, but right now Pillowfort is in a closed beta which means the only people who have access to the site are ones who have been given special registration links. They were doing waves of free beta accounts a bit ago (which is how my partner got her account), but right now for every $5 you pledge to their Kickstarter you will receive a registration key if the Kickstarter gets fully funded (they are as of today 40% of the way to their $39,900 goal).

Here is why I’m excited for Pillowfort:

  • If you delete your original posts, every reblogged version will be deleted tooEdit your original post and the changes will appear on every reblog,
  • The ability to make posts visible to everyone, just followers, just mutuals, or just yourself.
  • A functional blacklist where you can blacklist a post body & tags or just tags.
  • A terms of service that explicitly states you hold all rights to your own intellectual property. It also states clearly that it forbids callout posts, doxxing, degradation, harassing, hate groups, spamming of tags with unrelated or offensive material, and slurs against minorities. If there is a user that is doing anything offensive or hateful, it is encouraged and mandated you don’t make posts about it and instead flag it and let the site moderators take care of it. This sort of system cuts down on “dashboard drama” and harassment that sites like Tumblr are known for. 
  • They have threaded comments which means discussions or praise no longer clog up your posts and your blog, keeping things much more organized and clean. We can also use tags for their ACTUAL purpose, tagging of posts for ease of search and organization instead of talking.
  • They have communities and a more connected user-based and user-led environment.
  • Posts in chronological order like they should be!
  • A staff that actually cares about the input of their members and is driven to listen and collaborate with their members to create a site that the users actually want instead of being led by a corporation that has their own agendas in mind.
  • A staff that wants to avoid corporate involvement, unwanted ads, and selling of user info to fund Pillowfort.
  • The future possibilities of what the staff can do with the site that we didn’t dream could be possible to have all in one place including accessibility and a functional mobile app.

So far, I’ve seen a lot of good things and I’ve been really impressed with how the staff is handling the site and how they have explained their plans for the future of Pillowfort.

If you say you really want a social media site that actually cares about their users, this is it. This is your chance to have what pretty much all of us want. This new blogging platform is all the best parts of Tumblr (and for those who miss Livejournal this is like a wedding between Tumblr and Livejournal) with all the parts we hate and loathe about the site scraped out of it.

If you like everything that you’ve read about, please pledge to their Kickstarter. Even $5 can help and it will get you a registration link to get on Pillowfort yourself if the Kickstarter gets fully funded.

If you can’t support Pillowfort monetarily, then please, please reblog, tweet, share, and spread it about everywhere you can. 

This is our chance to have a social media made with us in mind and it’s already starting out so well with 10,000 users in the closed beta. Let’s bring it to the next stage of its life!

Is it just me or are the tags not working properly?

Like – my posts are not showing in the tags despite not being flagged or anything.

Ummm, the last time I watched a kdrama involving a greedy poor woman and a rich issue-laden son of a fucked up chaebol family with an evil rich fiancee, that was Something Happened in Bali.

Just sayin’. Run away, girl!

I kinda admire her determination to get a near-stranger who she doesn’t give two hoots about because (a) he’s rich (b) she’s broke and desperate and pissed off; © his fiancee insulted her and she wants to get back at her and; (d) she is pissed off because she thought he was a middle manager who’d lose his job and helped him and he’s a filthy rich chaebol heir BUT GIRL GIRL DANGER DANGER!!!!

I love love love the vicious matriarch of the family in Fates and Furies.

Here she is terrorizing a daughter in law. Earlier she was calmly eating as her husband was trashing the house in a fury and only finally got herself to go and stop him reluctantly and in an annoyed fashion.

She’s awful but as a character so great.

PS I love that the chairman is trashing the house and Joo Sang Wook just looks on like “yup, it’s Thursday.”


First, a note: I ask that people please reblog this to spread this since the tags are kinda unusable right now, especially when a post has external links within it.

Dreamwidth has been my main active posting platform for a year and a half now, and I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers talking about jumping ship over to DW with tumblr’s uhhhhhh current state of affairs.

But DW is kinda bland and boring if you’re too young to have been of the LiveJournal generation, and therefore don’t know where to look or start in order to build your friends list and find communities, so I’m going to do some of the legwork for you.

the_great_tumblr_purge: I made a dw community specifically for people jumping ship from tumblr to reconnect with each other.

addme: a friending community where you pimp yourself out and find other people with similar interests that you might want to see on your reading page.

addme_fandom: similar to above, only with a stronger emphasis on finding people based on your fandoms.

fandomcalendar: a community where you can find fandom events, such as big bangs, exchanges, challenges, bingos, etc. and other fandom communities that might suit your interests.

questionoftheday: for when you don’t know what to post.

If anybody else has communities they want to add, go right ahead and add them in a reblog.

Please reblog this.